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Our Service

Andiamo Clinic is the only UK clinic able to offer Andiamo orthoses.

We understand the uncertainties and anxieties around getting an orthosis for your child which is why we are committed to providing a uniquely positive experience for you and your family.  

Your child could be wearing orthoses that fit perfectly, give maximum comfort, are lightweight and available within a couple of weeks.  What’s not to love?

Children tell us Andiamo has changed their lives – they love wearing them and feel more independent.

We offer excellent value for money with an all-inclusive price until your child outgrows their device – so no hidden or additional costs! 

Benefits of using Andiamo Clinic

  • The ONLY clinic in the UK offering Andiamo orthoses
  • Experienced paediatric clinicians – specialists in Andiamo orthoses
  • Transparent pricing – one cost, no hidden extras, no review or follow up fees
  • Andiamo Guarantee – includes all repairs until the orthoses are outgrown 
  • Two appointments – one to assess and one to fit

Benefits of Andiamo orthoses

  • FITS FIRST TIME* – not just a time saver, but a life enhancer for families
  • Up to 65% lighter – for easier wear, greater mobility and comfort
  • Thinner – making it possible to wear standard shoes
  • Robust, including the strapping – lasting the life of the orthoses
  • Uses 3D scanning and 3D printing – all the above plus a fast turnaround time
  • Available for adults who are under 60kg in weight.

*90% of cases January-June 2019

If that interests you and you’d like to make an appointment do get in touch by completing the referral form.

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New appointments are welcome on Tuesdays and Thursdays at our clinic in London.

We can also help adults who are under 60KG in weight and are happy to welcome them.