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Some of the questions we’ve been asked by families so far.  If you have other questions, please let us know as we always like to add to this.

What materials do you use in your Andiamo orthoses?

We use Nylon 12 for the main orthoses with medically approved soft plastic or leather straps to avoid shredding, secured with velcro.

Is the material breathable?

Technically no, but children have told us that they sweat less in their Andiamo orthoses and one of the reasons they prefer wearing them.  This is possibly because they are up to 65% lighter.

What linings do you use in Andiamo AFOs?

We don’t line the whole orthosis but use poron pads around any prominent areas such as ankles.  We can offer other linings as requested.

Do you provide night splints?

Not currently, but we are happy to explore this if there is a need. If you get in touch, we can discuss your requirements.

Can you provide socks that don’t slip/fall down with AFOs?

You can get AFO socks from the following suppliers:

What makes Andiamo orthoses different?

Andiamo orthoses are thinner, up to 65% lighter, effective and fit first time (in 9 out of 10 cases, but we’re working on that 10!). 

Getting the fit right is essential for a comfortable, pain-free, effective orthoses.  And because we turn them around quickly, your child will have their new Andiamo orthoses in a fraction of the time it usually takes.

How long does the fitting session take?

For the first consultation session we allow 2 hours. For the fitting session, we allow one hour but have been known to finish in 15 minutes – not because we’re in a hurry, but because they fit first time with no alternations required – no heating, no trimming, no smoothing.

How long will my child have to wait for their orthoses?

We aim to deliver within 4-6 weeks of your consultation/assessment session.

How are they funded/who pays?

Andiamo orthoses are funded privately by parents/carers. They are not currently available on the NHS.  The following charities may be able to help with funding in some cases.

How much does it cost?

Andiamo Clinic provides an all-inclusive service so you only pay once during the lifetime of each orthosis – even if you do have to come back and see us.

  • All children have a consultation with one of our Orthotists which includes scanning – £150.00
  • Plus: £600 for one orthosis or £1,100 for two orthoses  
  • No extra charge for Hinged AFOs

And that should be it!  Because 9 times out of 10 our orthoses fit first time.

If your child does have any issues with fit or comfort or the orthoses needs repair (general wear and tear, straps, padding) or replacement for the ‘lifetime’ of the orthosis we’ll sort it out – until they outgrow it.

How often do orthoses need replacing?

Andiamo orthoses should only need replacing when your child has outgrown them.