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Wheelchair Racer, Justin Levene visits Andiamo

On 4 July we were delighted to welcome Justin Levene who came to talk to us about his experience as a wheelchair racer and his struggles being a wheelchair user when the system doesn’t account for his needs. Justin aims to open a foundation in Moldova. Andiamo Clinic and Justin will continue to talk about support and collaboration.

Mimi, age 10, gets her first 2-tone Andiamo orthoses

Squeals of delight could be heard from our Clinic on 2 July as Mimi took delivery of her first 2-tone orthoses.  Not only was she very happy with the pink and purple colours, her favourite, but after having her orthotic fitted and doing a dance of honour she declared “I love it!”.  Her smiles and laughter lit up the room and the team were equally happy to have delivered a great result for her.