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About us

Welcome to ANDIAMO CLINIC – a NEW orthotics clinic run by parents for families. 

Our clinic offers unique Andiamo orthoses and an exceptional service that puts your family first.  

We’re Samiya and Naveed Parvez and we want to help families have a much better experience in everything that goes with having to wear orthotics.

We know first-hand what life is like having a child with severe disabilities.  Our son, Diamo, was born in 2003 with cerebral palsy. During his short life he endured endless visits to hospitals and clinics and this had a massive impact on our whole family. 

Our personal experiences and our passion for making the lives of families like ours better led to the discovery of greater uses for 3D technology and, together with our amazing clinical and design team and backed by clinic research, we have created a new system for producing pioneering healthcare wearables – starting with orthoses.

Our Vision for Andiamo Clinic is to create a space where families feel heard and cared for, where they are supported to find the best solutions for mobility and posture – so their children can lead the fullest lives possible.

This is our family’s story.