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News » Aspiring professional wheelchair racer joins Andiamo family

Aspiring professional wheelchair racer joins Andiamo family

Paige Murray is already a talented athlete and recognised wheelchair racer and was selected for the 2012 Paralympic Flame and the Queens Baton for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. She had her ‘sunshine’ yellow Andiamo orthoses fitted in August and is absolutely delighted at how comfortable it is and how quickly she received it. Paige told the audience at our seminar on 1st October how important it is to her to have an orthoses that works for her – she stood unaided for a good 15 minutes to deliver her talk – something she remarked that she hasn’t been able to do before getting her Andiamo device. We’re right behind Paige in her quest for moving up the ranks in her chosen sport of wheelchair racing. And we’re delighted she’s got her speaker plaform, Murray’s Maize off the ground – thanks for being with us Paige.