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Positive outcomes. Positive experiences. Advanced orthotics. Happy Families.

Unique Andiamo Custom Fitted Orthoses

  • Perfect Fit.
  • Effective.
  • Thinner.
  • Up to 65% lighter.

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A clinic that promises to put your family first.

From the moment we connect we’ll take care of your needs, so you can get your family life back and not have to think about yet another orthotic appointment.

We collaborate with parents and carers to make sure your child has the orthoses that’s right for them. Want them designed so you only need one hand to take them on and off?  No problem.  Want a design for a specific use? We can do that too, all at the same appointment.

“I thought I had reached my limit, my Andiamo orthoses have changed that” – Jack age 12, walking without sticks for the first time.

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We only provide the highest quality orthoses

Andiamo orthoses are up to 65% lighter than traditional ones, and so thin that you might not need orthopaedic shoes.  

“I give them 100 out of 10, throw my old ones in the bin” – Umar age 9, after 4 weeks.

Our team includes senior clinicians and world class designers who ensure every support meets our rigorous quality standards for fit, comfort, and effectiveness.

“I never knew walking could be fun” – Raisa age 20, walking freely with her first pair of Andiamo orthoses.

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